Fish House

At the Fish House we are planning for the future. We need some skilled workers to help us as we renovate our main house and we need some strong muscle as we do some major landscape work!
Some of our upcoming projects:

  • Clear out the over-grown brush from the garden plot and get the garden ready to be planted in early spring.
  • Build a functioning chicken coop.
  • Modernize 2 bathrooms in the main house.
  • Replace the soffit and fascia on the main house.
  • Trim the brush and clean up the perimeter of the entire property.

If you live in the Metro Atlanta area or are involved in a church that is looking for a service project in the area, and you would like to volunteer to help with any of these projects then please email us. We’d love to have you!

Sunday Morning Service

Volunteer groups, ideally of 10-15, are invaluable for service to the homeless on Sundays. To schedule a Sunday for your youth group (minimum age 15) or adult group to help distribute food and clothes, contact Beverly Vernon.

Summer VBS

We welcome short-term missions teams to come work with inner-city children in VBS format. We hope this Summer to make the facilities ready to re-launch our program in the Fall. We hope to do several special events this Summer to introduce ourselves in a new area of service. To schedule a team or for questions contact John Vernon about this opportunity